All About Me

I decided that for my first post, I want to talk about me. So, welcome to my blog!

To start off, I am your average extrovert, which means I want to experience EVERYTHING. Weather it be learning how to make my own homemade bread or jumping out of an airplane, I want to experience everything about the world we live in. My favorite quote is,

“There is no way we were born just to pay bills, work at an unfulfilling job and die.”

And I couldn’t agree more, life is supposed to be messy, beautiful and passionate! With that being said, I personally never want to live in the same place for too long, there are just too many things to learn! As an incoming freshman in college, I hope to gain a degree and get a traveling job so I can work wherever I want! It’s been a dream of mine to live somewhere in Europe for a time and it’s now not a matter of “if” but, “when”!

The main reason I started this blog was because I feel like this is a great way to keep myself disciplined and goal oriented. Especially going into college, if I have people relying on me for things like meal planning recipes and workouts, it will make me keep those things as a top priority. Another quote I live by is,

“Speak it into existence.”

I believe that our mind is the only thing holding us back from our potential. Psychology is really amazing to sit and think about: The more we tell ourselves something the more it becomes true and a reality. This is so applicable (for blog specific purposes) in dealing with our health.

This summer, I have had so much time to start disciplining my self with what I eat, and the results could not be better.

I FEEL different. I FEEL better.

Specifically when I started drinking green/protein smoothies in the morning instead of solid food or nothing at all. My energy levels are so much more different than they were before. I also have made it a point to drink a gallon of water everyday, and I have seen such a difference in my stomach. My gut is able to flush everything out as fast as it came in, which makes for a less-toxic me:)

If you can’t tell by now, I am an experimenter and health/wellness is my current project! I’m not afraid of failure and I will try every option to find the solution. Another favorite quote of mine,

“You either win, or you learn,”

This is the approach I take with everything, because I believe that if you make a mistake, you’re being an active participant in life, which is what we are here to do. Learn, fail, progress, repeat.

I love the beauty of it!