Living with Lyme’s: The Problem with the Health Care System

So you have all the symptoms: depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and mood swings. Doing the only thing you know how to do, you go to the doctor and he prescribes you anti-depressants. The strong antibiotic may work for maybe one or two days, but as soon as you know it, you’re back to square one. He then prescribes a drug that caters to the next symptom and so on and so on. This type of scenario happens way too often in the health industry and that’s because it’s a corrupt system.

Notice that the doctor didn’t ask, “Do you exercise everyday? Do you eat a balanced diet?”

He also didn’t say, “Maybe you have food allergies. Let’s do a blood test to see what areas of your body are acting up.”

This is because the regulated federal health care systems only concern is taking in revenue. They prescribe band-aids so patients will keep coming back.

According to The New York Times, particular medicine is now being dictated by insurers. Commonly, this is done by assigning a larger co-payment to certain drugs, a negative incentive for patients to choose higher-cost medications. But now some insurers are offering a positive financial incentive directly to physicians to use specific medications. For example, Well Point, one of the largest private payers for health care, recently outlined designated treatment pathways for cancer and announced that it would pay physicians and incentive of $350 a month per patient designated on that pathway.

This is a common thing for Lyme’s disease patients. Doctors will usually treat the symptoms rather than the actual disease. The patients won’t find out they actually have Lyme’s until its too late (my mom’s case).

A good example would be this: If you have a plant and the leaves are dying, you know there is a problem (symptoms you can see). However, you cant just paint the leaves or water the leaves to make it get healthy again (prescription medicine). The problem is at the root where there is no more water or the ground is contaminated. In order for the plant to heal, you have to nurture and restore the roots (eat clean, drink water, take vitamins, be positive, breathe fresh air, practice wellness)

Now, some people like me do all the things listed and still have Lyme’s. That’s where naturalistic medicine comes in. I have a great doctor, and I know he is great because he is constantly doing research. He understands that we find out new things every day and that a doctorate degree can only get you so far if you truly want to heal people.

I am doing an herbal protocol to heal my Lyme’s. Accompanied with a balanced diet and daily exercise, his experimental detox should completely rid me of the disease.

We need more doctors like mine. We need a capitalistic health care system. When a doctor’s success is measured by how many people they can heal rather than how much money they can make, the health epidemic in America will be solved. We will then not have to focus on our health, but focus on innovation, progression and joining others in the race to success.

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