Self-Love During the Journey

This week I want to talk about acne.

It is something I have struggled with constantly my entire life, and I have yet to find something that works for me. Although I’ve found that some of my acne is caused by hormones and eating foods I am allergic to, it still lingers constantly to the point where I can’t ever remember a time where my face was clear.

This past year, my skin has progressed into the worst condition it has ever been. I’ve developed a deep insecurity around anything to do with water because I simply struggle feeling confident without makeup on. The discoloration, the red spots, the bumpy skin. I’ve tried so many products, but nothing had the balance I needed. It either dried out my already flaky skin, or made me way too oily. There are days where I have just cried because I was so frustrated with the way I looked.


The message I want to share today is that it is so important to practice self-love and positive self-talk when you are on a personal journey. This can also apply to other things such as weight loss, learning a new skill, or training for a fitness competition.

Never accept where you are, but acknowledge the progress you HAVE made.

Over the past few months, I have really been trying to be patient and hopeful in my journey to clear skin. And for My skin hasn’t been clear for a long time, but I always tell myself,

“today was better than yesterday,”


♥The before picture is definitely me on a good day, when my skin isn’t too inflamed♥

I think that is the most important lesson to learn. If you are confident in your insecurities now, imagine how much more confident you will be when those temporary insecurities are fixed! Nothing will be able to hold you back!

I am still looking for ways to heal my skin: drinking lots of water everyday, eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and trying different skin products. Until I find the answer, it’s important that I stay patient with myself and find joy in the journey!

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